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Welcome to Pixelette Pin Ups: Atlanta's premiere Pin Up and Boudoir Photography Studio.



Allison Rose - Photographer

Allison Rose: Owner/Photographer/Retoucher

Allison Rose is a graphic/web designer turned photographer that focuses on super creative and conceptual photo shoots. She has been designing and taking photographs for almost 10 years and started Pixelette Photography in 2009.

She loves 80s music, fantasy movies, romance novels, and just isn’t the same without her daily latte.

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Lindze Merritt - Makeup Artist

Lindze Merritt: Makeup Artist/Stylist

Lindze Merritt has been doing both theater and fashion makeup and costuming for 10 years and hopes to do it for 100 more!

She sews, decorates, cooks, and does jigs on occasion, but most of all is here to make you look and feel like a rock star model. Every look she puts together is customized to your preferences and requests, and will help you feel comfortable with posing in front of the camera with personal coaching and set styling.

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